NPR for Record Geeks

NPR For Record Geeks

Below is a list of audio links to interviews and stories which have run on National Public Radio, which are of interest to the record collector. This is by no means a complete or current list, so the interested are encouraged to prowl around in search of myriad other goodies:

"R. Crumb's Musical Moonlighting:" The cartoonist discusses his 78 collection.

"Catchy and Rare: A John Waters Christmas:" Spinning old Christmas records with the creator of "Pink Flamingoes" and "Hairspray."

"Hits That Should Have Been: Lost in the Grooves:" Kim Cooper and David Smay reconsider and rediscover some great, but obscure pop records

Check out "All Songs Considered," NPR's Online Music Show

"Virtual Record Player Preserves Historic Recordings"

Atomic Scientists Bring New Life to Old Vinyl LPs

"Commentator Chris Tsakis loves the way old records use to skip..."

"NPR's Kathleen Schalch describes how some old records and tapes gave her a new perspective on her maternal grandmother, a member of the singing group Winken, Blinken and Nod."

"Lost and Found Sound" is an amazing radio program, focusing on history through old records and tapes.

Rock historian Ed Ward is a regular contributor to WHYY's "Fresh Air." Here is a link to several of his interesting on-air articles and reviews.