Cannibal Corpse


Boasting a pair of fleet and nimble metal guitarists and a consistently ace rhythm section (Alex Webster is one of the most distinctive bassists in rock today,) Cannibal Corpse can create some intimidating and genuinely creepy instrumental atmospheres, at least until the vocalist bursts in and spoils everything. Death metal fans insist that the vocals be "horrific," and it would indeed be difficult to find two more horrific sad sacks than original vocalist Chris "Cookie Monster on a Rampage" Barnes or current throat George "Dog Breathing Through a Plastic Straw" Fisher. With song titles like "Fucked With a Knife," these guys are already fighting an uphill battle to be taken seriously; a struggle made no easier when the singer sounds like Grover and any given lyric could be "oooh washca, ooh noodoo thuskah oooh." A sad example of a good band made ridiculous by the constraints of death metal orthodoxy.