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Red Raven Movie Records


Red Raven Movie Records were special children's records that, when played using a special faceted mirror that the child would place atop the phonograph spindle, would display a moving cartoon as the record revolved at 78 rpm.

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Power Records


"Those of you old enough to remember records may remember Power Records: Audio adventures of various DC and Marvel superheroes on 7-inch and 12-inch vinyl.These were full-cast recordings, complete with sound effects and musical soundtracks--much like old-time radio programs.

"Issued by Power Records during the 1970s and '80s, some of these albums were accompanied by full-color comics illustrated by comic book professionals.

"Top comics artist Neal Adams did many of the covers.Power Records was a division of Peter Pan Industries, a manufacturer of children's records from the 1940s.

"Along with DC- and Marvel-based records, Power also released story albums based on "Star Trek," "The Planet of the Apes," "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "Kojak"(!)" -from the intro to "The Power Records Project (see link)

The Power Records Project


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Conan the Barbarian

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Little Marcy


Thanks to the "Incredibly Strange Music" series of books, Little Marcy has become the most widely recognized example of Christian Ventriloquism, a sub-genre of Christian children's media that seems to have flourished throughout the 1960's and 70's. The anti-Christian bigotry of some commentators has created the impression among many that the Marcy records are sinister examples of insidious Evangelical brainwashing, but such criticism seems a little overdone when one actually listens to the records. Of course, Little Marcy records are a little wierd, and very, very goofy - but everybody, whether they grew up in a Christian household or not, grew up loving records that were just as wierd and just as goofy as the Little Marcy discs. Isn't that why going back and listening to all these old records is so much fun?

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Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson


During the 60's and early 70's, electronic musician Bruce Haack and teacher Esther Nelson released some of the most amazing children's records ever recorded on their Dimension 5 label.

"Dimension 5 was founded in 1963 by Esther Nelson and Bruce Haack, who collaborated on 11 children's records that combined electronic music, storytelling and a psychedelic worldview. Aside from making some of the most atypical children's records ever, the pair picked up rave reviews from the academic and popular media, got accolades from the American Library Association and the New York City Board of Education, and even guest-starred on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood! The label survived the death of vinyl by transferring six of its releases to cassette circa 1986-1989, and in fact, these are still available from Dimension 5 today.

"Even though you probably haven't ever heard of Bruce and Esther, their music is well worth finding if you are a fan of Moog/early electronica, robots, dancing, imagination and/or altered states of consciousness. Most contemporary listeners express disbelief that these recordings are intended for children in the first place, as they can be quite sophisticated intellectually and musically. Even the storytelling segments, which are probably the closest these records get to traditional children's fare, are unlike the fairy tale and Disney records most of us are used to." - Lara 7

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