Internet Radio Stations and Radio Shows on the Internet


Here is a list of interesting internet radio broadcasts, as well as online archives of radio programs. Each paragraph is a link:

WNAS: The nation's first high school radio station, on-air since 1948. Broadcasting an eclectic mix of popular music from the fifties to the present. Join them live from studios of New Albany and Floyd Central High Schools in Indiana.

WRFL: Radio Free Lexington: University of Kentucky Student radio. Freeform radio for the Bluegrass State.

AMERICAN PRIMITIVE on 88.1 WMBR in Boston. A WILD American roots music show. One of the best on the air, period!

WFMU is a now legendary free-form radio station broadcasting in the New York / New Jersey area, and over the Internet. One of the best Internet sources for obscure and hard to find music of all types from all eras. Having said that, it must be noted that FMU does have a very hard time separating the wheat from the chaff, and a lot of the station's programing suffers from a marked preference for obscurity over quality. The station would also be a lot more fun if its politics weren't so omnipresent, and so stereotypically bourgeoisie.

WHRB: Harvard University Radio. Mostly Jazz and orchestral music, but the station is famous for its periodic "record orgies," where the station will devote entire days in January and May to massive blocks of music sharing a common artist or theme. These orgies have included anything from the chronological broadcast of Black Sabbath's entire recorded canon, to days of continuous Krautrock, punk - even grindcore.

click here for a complete list of WHRB record orgies

TRIP RECEPTACLES: "Imagine that you had unfettered access to nine hours of commercial-free airtime on a major FM radio station with a 60,000 watt signal covering a third of California. What kind of material would you broadcast? Well, what else? Why, you'd enthusiastically promote the extensive use of powerful psychedelic drugs, obviously!" Highly entertaining psychedelic sound collage.

RADIO FIRST TERMER was a pirate radio station which operated from South Vietnam in the early 1970's. It was hosted by the mysterious Dave Rabbit, who provided irreverent commentary regarding the military and the war.



There are currently 1338 Dr. Demento shows available for your listening pleasure at The online archive contains shows from 1975 to the present, and is the most expansive Demento collection anywhere.

The operator of the archive asks that you please use the site wisely:

"Someone posted our URL on a high-traffic website and we have been inundated with new users - some outright raping the site... I have Suspended many users for downloading a massive number of files for their own collections. I deleted over 600 user accounts because they did not supply their real name, they used initials only or other information was bogus. THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU TO AMASS YOUR OWN COLLECTION ...THIS SITE IS HERE SO PEOPLE CAN LISTEN OCCASIONALLY TO THE DOCTOR'S SHOWS, AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE ONLY KNOWN PUBLIC DIGITAL ARCHIVE..."



"Here it is - the true roots of American Top 40 radio: An outrageous disc jockey, with a maniacal laugh, playing "race music". It's no wonder that some older folks were terrified by the sounds coming from their radios!"

Three vintage Mad Daddy broadcasts from the Bill Tash Collection

...and a small sample from the Hank Hayes Collection

Pete Myers Biography



The Radio Mystery Theatre ran on the CBS Radio Network from 1974 to 1982, and was the last of the great radio dramas. The Mystery Theatre presented horror, mystery, science fiction and fantasy plays, some by contemporary authors, many based on the works of Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe and O. Henry. The show was hosted by E.G. Marshall, and featured the acting talents of a revolving cast of steller players, which has included Agne Moorehead, Richard Widmark, Kasey Kasem, and John Lithkow.

The show was the brainchild of Himan Brown, the radio producer who had risen to prominance decades before with Intersanctum Mysteries. Brown dispaired at the death of radio drama, and sold CBS on the idea that an old fashioned radio mystery program could hold its own on 70's radio. That the show persevered for eight years in the face of almost complete indifference from the network and many of its affiliate stations is a testiment to the enthusiasm of Brown, his staff and players, as well as the loyal audience, who keep their fandom alive today via the internet .

For more information on the show, and audio files of several episodes, click here.



OTE is a weekly radio show assembled by sound collage artists/cultural commentators Negativland. It runs every Thursday from 12 AM to 3AM (or 5AM on the fifth Thursday of the month, if applicable.) Each show revolves around a theme: Four shows have been dedicated to the history of flight, two to UFOs, and 10 to the (non)existance of God. Other topics have included the history of the railroad and a study of noise in Modern music. One of the most consistantly fascinating shows on the air. Click the link below for a live link and the OTE RealAudio archive.

Over The Edge