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"Christ, this album sucks..."


THE SATANS - "Makin' Deals" (early sixties punk
from PEBBLES VOL. 2. Predates "Sympathy For the Devil" by a year or two)

THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN: "Fire" ("I am the God of Hell Fire and I bring you...")

MODEST MUSSORGSKY: "Night on Bald Mountain" (musical account of a Russian Witches' sabbat. Eventually Christianized by Rimsy-Korsakov)

THE DRAMATICS: "The Devil Is Dope" (anti-drug funk single begins with crackling flames and spoken dialogue between Satan and a lost junkie soul.

PIGMEAT MARKHAM and IKE TURNER recorded a novelty single in the 1950's on which comedian Pigmeat dreams of going Hell and being menaced by the Devil, played by Ike Turner. I forget the name of the record, but Norton reissued it a few years ago.

ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY, "Black Pope" of the Church of Satan has released several albums of easy-listening organ music, as well as readings from the Satanic Bible.

Recordings of ALEISTER CROWLEY reading and instructing have been commercially available from various sources for some time now - they are probably available on the internet if you look hard enough.

Diamanda Galas performs the poetry of Baudelaire - the scariest album ever recorded


"Christ, Communists, & Rock 'n' Roll" A History of Anti-Rock 'n' Roll Books by Johnny Marr

"Christian Rock Exposed"

"The Devil's Music:" Part three of "The Wonderful World of Chick"

"Sex, Magick and Rock and Roll: An Occult History of Popular Music