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Vintage Louisville Radio


These links will lead you to Real Audio soundfiles of radio shows from Louisville stations, circa 1950'S-1970's. These broadcasts are found at www.reelradio archive, a cool archive of old radio airchecks from all over the country, so you might have to scroll around on the pages a bit to find the specific Louisville shows.

News and Commentary Links:

Al Risen, Lee Gray, WKLO, Dec 21, 1967

The Allen Bryan Collection of WKLO Broadcast from 1964 and 1969

Bill Bailey, WAKY, August 9, 1972

Gary Burbank, WAKY, 1973, 1972

Wild Willy Mitchell, WKLO, 1972

Coyote Calhoun, WAKY, 1973

The Gary Clayton Collection of '70's WAKY soundchecks